5 Awesome Food You Must Try When You Are In Czech Republic

Planning your next trip to Prague, and don't have any idea about what to eat there?

Well don't worry then, we've bought you the five best dishes you must try when you are in Czech Republic.

Czech Goulash
  1. Goulash:

It is soup made of vegetables and meat which is often seasoned with paprika. In Czech republic it is mostly like a sauce. This is also known as Cesky Gulas. In Czech Republic they accompany goulash with knedliky or knödel. It is a kind of dumpling made with eggs, bread (or dough) and yeast.


2. Chlebíček:

It is an open sandwich made with a various variety of toppings. Some of it have a base of potato salad, some of it just have a regular mayo base. On the it mostly have ham, cheese slice, olives, salmon, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and many more things.

3. Czech Beef Tartare:

You might not like eating raw meat, but if are in Czech Republic you should not miss this opportunity to try this amazing dish. Czech tartare is always served with some fried bread slices and some fat clove of garlic to rub on that crusty bread to flavor it. The tartare is so creamy that it almost feels like butter.

4. Trdelnik:

It is a pastry made from a yeast fermented dough cooked on a spit or a bamboo on very low open flame. Later it is covered with powder sugar or chocolate with different toppings. It is filled with ice cream or chocolate and sometimes this is enjoyed without any filling.

5. Fruit-Filled Dumplings (ovocné knedlíky)

It is fruit covered with dough and then cooked, served with butter and sugar. These are made with plums, strawberries, apricot, blueberries and many more things. The most unique thing is that it is not considered as a dessert, it is eaten alone as a main dish.

Of course there are many more things to discover and enjoy in Czech Republic but these are the few things that you must try when you are in Czech Republic.

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